Learning Sprouts Facility


This is where families  walk their children into Learning Sprouts each morning.  At the end of our morning, our toddlers are dismissed to their caregiver at the foyer.  Preschoolers are dismissed to their caregivers from their classroom door.

Toddler Room 1

We call this our ORANGE room.  This is Learning Sprout's toddler room, for children ages 15 months-33 months.

Toddler Room 2

We call this our RED room.  This is an additional room for our toddlers, ages 15 months-33 months.

Gross Motors Room

Learning Sprouts uses this space to do music and movement activities, bubbles, parachutes, cars, songs and more!

Preschool 1 Room

We call this our BLUE room.  This is one of our preschool rooms, for children ages 2.9-mid 3 years old. 

Preschool 2 Room

We call this our GREEN room.  This is one of our preschool rooms, for children ages mid 3 yeard old to 5 years old.


Climbing structures, slides, trucks, cars & more!  The playground is fully fenced in!

Play Garden

Swings, picnic tables, balance stones, sand tables, steering wheels & more!  The play garden is connected to the playground, however is separated by a fence.  It is fully fenced in and is for our preschool classes (ages 2.9 and above).


2 Tremont Street

(located in the education wing at the Duxbury Church)
Duxbury, MA 02332