i n t r o d u c i n g.... the Learning Sprouts Kit. The LS Kit is an at home project/craft/activity kit for children (ideal for children ages 2.5-5) & their parents to work on together. We are launching our first LS Box for free home drop off delivery 5/6 & 5/7. This box doubles as a perfect Mother's Day gift (5/10) for Mom, Grandma or Aunt as well as a fun craft, fine motor activity & Life Cycle Learning. $18 per box with only 40 available.


Once the box is delivered to your home: Open the box and use it as your craft work surface to paint and glue. Decorate a small pot with provided paint & utensil. Add some water to seed peat pellets & watch expand. Read instruction sheet how to plant the Dwarf Sunflower seeds. Find a sunny spot in your house. Together, you & your child can work on the provided Sunflower Journal & watering schedule. Use the included spray bottle to spray the seeds.


To build excitement for the sprout, create a sunflower craft using all provided materials. Cardstock paper for the background, pencil provided to trace children's hands for the petals, glue provided to glue down tissue paper squares and more!


Continue on to color & read provided Sunflower Life Cycle easy-reader book.  Free at home delivery to homes 15 minutes from LS.


2 Tremont Street

(located in the education wing at the Duxbury Church)
Duxbury, MA 02332