Learning Sprouts Schedule

At Learning Sprouts Children's Center & Preschool, we believe consistency and routine is important to our young learners!  Each day follows a similar schedule.  Actual times may vary, but this is the typical format.

  • Drop off & Sensory PlayCaregivers drop off their children in the classroom.  Children have free choice play time with the toys in the classroom.  We have inviting music playing in the background.  Every morning we will have a play dough table with play dough tools and toys and home made play dough.  Some mornings we will have the sensory table open at drop off for the children to manipulate items in (bubble water, shaving cream and letters, sand and water with beach toys, cloud dough, etc.).  Please see monthly curriculum calendar for sensory play specifics.

  • Circle Time & Songs - Each morning, children are greeted when we sing a good morning song in each classroom.   During circle time, the preschoolers see their "jobs" for the day:  calendar helper, weather watcher, magic wand well wisher, bell ringer, etc.  Preschoolers then work on the days of the week, the months of the year and the calendar.  We discuss the weather and the different seasons.  Children are also exposed to the spelling of their names, their ages, their birthdays, colors, the letter of the week, the song of the month, etc.  Each week at Learning Sprouts, we focus on a letter.  That letter corresponds with a theme (for example, during week one we focus on the letter A and the theme is apples).  We will discuss the letter of the week and introduce the letter and the sound the letter makes.  

  • Project  - Children will have an opportunity to work on a project relating to the letter of the week & theme of the week (please see monthly curriculum calendar for project details).  

  • Snack Time - During snack time a lot of learning takes place!  We focus on manners and using kind, respectful words during this time (such as please and thank you).  Children wash hands before sitting to eat.  We provide children with a healthy and/or organic snack.  Often, we will read a story to the children while they are eating their snack.

  • Indoor Play - Children are given a chance to have free choice play in the classroom!

  • Outdoor Play - We have a wonderful, fenced in, outdoor playground with numerous age-appropriate climbing structures and picnic tables and toys to encourage imaginary play

  • Lunch - Like snack time, a lot of learning occurs during lunch too!  Children wash hands before lunch.  Again, we focus on manners and using kind, respectful words.  At times, teachers will read a story to the children or children will listen to a reading of a story on CD.

  • Quiet Reading/Yoga/Music Time- After lunch, we may turn down the lights and have some books available for children to read quietly under a tent or on a yoga mat.  Other times, we may do yoga stretches on yoga mats.  Other days, children are invited to play a musical instrument to music!  We sing songs, dance, twirl with scarves, use a parachute, and clap to music!  We always sing the same good-bye song:  "The more we get together" song.

  • Closing Meeting and Pack Up - At the end of the day, each class meets in their classroom and talk about two or three highlights from their morning at Learning Sprouts! 

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